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Pilates is an holistic method of exercise and movement re-education that aims to promote balance, strength, control and release within the body to achieve an optimal sense of wellbeing. Practicing mindful body awareness, working with gravity and the breath, and focusing on quality of movement can improve overall function, support recovery from pain or injury, help manage long-term conditions and enhance performance.

Pilates is practiced on spring resistance equipment, or on the mat and is adapted to each individual according to physical condition and long-term goals.

Supporting treatment

I will always conclude an osteopathy session with advice on movement, exercise and self-help techniques to complement a course of treatment. We’ll ensure you fully understand any prescribed exercise and re-evaluate at each session.


One-to-one sessions are a great way to understand the basics and subtleties of the Pilates method if you are a complete beginner, have specific concerns, are recently post-natal, or have reached a sticking point in your regular movement practice.

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